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Please submit your proposal by Thursday, June 1, 2023. To do so you will need to register for a ConferenceBit account if you do not have one.


You should submit an abstract of no more than 500 words that contains the following information:


(1) Name of applicant. If the paper is co-authored you can add their name(s) during the submission process. 


(2) Contact email,


(3) Summary of the paper,


(4) An explicit explanation of how your paper incorporates mixed methods. Specifically, for papers focused on substantive topics, please explain how the two or more different methods used in the paper strengthen the key claim(s) of the paper in terms of measurement validity, internal validity, external validity, causal inference, or other aspects of the research design. For papers making a methodological contribution, please explain how the paper’s methodological argument(s) connect with recent scholarship on and debates about the theory of mixed method research.


(5) A key mission of SWMMR moving forward is to promote the work of our minoritized colleagues in the social sciences. Indeed, we have won a special grant from APSA that allows us to provide additional funding for those colleagues who, as a function of the nature of the Academy, have been systematically discriminated against. The APSA Centennial grant aims to diversify participation in SWMMR toward fostering a more inclusive community. To help us achieve our grant's goals, we ask for an optional statement about how your participation may enhance diversity and inclusion at SWMMR. Please upload your optional statement as a separate document from your abstract.